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Network Security Expert (NSE) Program

Fortinet is designed for Cyber Security and VPN Security which seeks to touch every detail of the products. These certifications NSE 4,NSE 6,NSE 7,NSE 8 For You.

Network Security Expert NSE 4:

The NSE4 certification is the first Fortinet technology level for network professionals. NSE4 Network Security Professional, recognizes these capabilities: … Run and monitor Forty Gate to support definitive corporate network security policies.

Network Security Expert NSE 6:

The Network Security Specialist recognizes your comprehensive capabilities and ability to work with secure fabric products beyond fiberwall.

Network Security Expert NSE 7:

The position of NSE 7 Network Security Architect recognizes your innovative capabilities, including answers to your ability to design, manage, and troubleshoot Fortune Security solutions.

Network Security Expert NSE 8:

The NSE 8 Fortinet Network Security Expert position recognizes your comprehensive knowledge of network security design, configuration, and troubleshooting for complex networks. You must have the industry experience to take the test.